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What parents say about

"I have learnt as much about myself as I have about my son's reactions and responses; and I have certainly got tools that I've put in place to get us on the right track.  My son is so much happier and more on-track than he was prior to the course - and I'm a lot better at dealing with the challenges of parenting."  Roger


"Thank you for your passion and commitment to parents.  I am more confident as a parent and, while people may judge me, and I won't be perfect, I'm doing my best which is the best I can do."  Rachel


​​"I learnt what listening to children really means and how important it is for parents to have the right support  

and tools so that they are able  to listen."  Muna


"I learnt how important it is to keep the connection with your child to build their emotional intelligence.  I realised how differently children behave when they are connected, compared to when they are disconnected.  This course teaches you what your children need - the love that you have to give them. It helps you to get rid of some stereotyped ideas that may limit your natural way of being a parent."  Paolo


"Everything is so powerful and positive.  I now see tantrums as a positive thing - a healing process.  I see that my children acting out is a positive thing - they are trying in the best way they can to tell me that all is not well with them and that they are feeling hurt or overwhelmed - there is no such thing as 'throw away behaviour".  It's wonderful to have the tools to help my children back to being themselves.  With these tools and this information, I can be a powerful parent and a leader within my family, not a victim to my children's behaviour.  When that gets hard, I know to try to get some support -
especially a Listening Partnership."  

"I’ve gone to a number of professionals and spent quite a bit of money trying to find out what’s “wrong” with my daughter.  Parenting by Connection has completely clicked.  This is the thinking and understanding I needed, along with the Listening to Children tools.  Most of rest was a wild goose chase."  Penny 


"I've learnt quite a lot about myself.  I've been able to look at the way I was brought up and realise how it affects the way I parent.  I'm now putting this new way into practice with my kids.  I'm pulling myself up when I go to react in the same way that I was treated and it's a whole lot better with my kids."  John


"I'm not scared of my child's emotions or off-track behaviour any more, as I have the tools to deal with 
anything!  Participation in the Skillbuilding Groups is socially stimulating and helps you think well and feel strong."  


"The course showed me another way that I could be a parent.  I can feel my parenting progressing, rather than staying in a holding pattern.  A shift is happening, which is building its own momentum.  Big changes - no more dummies, less fights over daily tasks like brushing teeth and play.  More fun in our life and laughs."  Vanessa


"My child was only 3 and 3/4 years old and I was asked not to bring him back to Play Group. He was that aggressive with other children - his behaviour was a danger to them. He was one step from a 'label' and I'd been recommended that he have medication.  I had resisted.  Then, I was told about you.  I phoned and you asked me what had happened to him earlier that had terrified him.  Everything fell into place.  The medical intervention that had gone very wrong in which he had been held down very forcibly with no explanation.  We had received an apology from the hospital and the doctor had received training.  But, Alex had not recovered emotionally!  After only 10 weeks of using the Listening to Children tools, he was the Alex who I had always thought he could be.  A little later, we enrolled him in Kindy and the teachers told me what an 'angel' he was!  In the process, I changed, also. I can't thank you enough."  Maddy


"Thank you so much.  This course made a difference in our life.  It brought joy and confidence to our family.  

You are the best!"  Lili

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