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Dear Hard Working Parents

If you have recently taken our 6-week Starter Class, WELCOME to the Parenting by Connection village in Australia and globally.


If you have not yet taken our 6-week Starter Class, you can find out more here:   Local  or Distance 


If you have taken the Starter, and are wondering, ‘Where to from here with Parenting by Connection?”you might like to know about some of our other programs and some resources that are available




For peer support, success stories and struggle stories, along with support of some of our instructors and other leaders and parents who, when they are able, will provide some guidance for you based on their experience, our Private Discussion Group is great! If you are not already a member, and would like to be, please let me know or go to the link provided and make a request to join us. You can ask friends or relatives who may be interested if they would like to join.


You might like to LIKE our Public Facebook Page and be part of that, too. 


Hand in Hand provide many articles for free reading or downloading and a Blog


There is much complimentary resource on the Hand in Hand website for you!  


Below are some of our Programs that build on the foundation of the Starter Class:


Instructor Certification Program (ICP), and the Master Class Stream.




This program is for parents who wish to become leaders in their community, teaching the Parenting by Connection approach to other parents and, in some cases, professionals. Participants


  • Take 20 bi-weekly, facilitator-led mentoring groups, interspersed with 20 participant Support Groups - over around a year (so, breaking at times such as the end of year and new year school holidays).

  • Take 10 monthly classes

  • Have access to an online Classroom with lots of resources

  • Present and submit practical work with mentor support. 

  • Undertake a Certification Interview


THE MASTER CLASS STREAM is for those who don’t want to train to lead other parents, but who, nevertheless, want to go deeper into Parenting by Connection for their family. Along with Instructor Certification Program participants, Master Class participants


  • Take 20 bi-weekly, facilitator-led mentoring classes, interspersed with 20 participant Support Groups - over around a year (so, breaking at times such as the end of year and new year school holidays).

  • Take 6 of the 10 monthly classes


Both streams provide intensive mentoring in the Parenting by Connection tools, along with regular listening support. Both streams give participants the opportunity to make significant change in their families, as well as to bring more lightness, joy and sense of achievement to parenting.


You can read more here.


The cost of each stream is adjusted accordingly.


Cost: Instructor Certification Program       $2875

Cost: Master Class with 6 classes             $1625


Participants of the Master Class can apply to shift to the Instructor Stream at any point prior to Class 6 being delivered.


If you would like the Curriculum Document, please email me and I’ll email it back to you.


If you are interested in a shorter, less comprehensive, program of further learning and support we also offer:




  • 10 x bi-weekly classes


With the aim of providing further support for your Parenting by Connection endeavours - deepening your understanding of the approach, strengthening your skills in using the tools, and further developing the parent-parent support component. The more effective the latter is, the more profound and effective your use of the Listening to Children tools will be. Not only will you be a better listener for your children, but your limbic connection with your child will be stronger as a result of the Listening Time you get for yourself.


Cost: Advanced Parenting by Connection Program      $ 625




With each of our above Programs we offer payment options: Either:


  • Pay a 10% deposit, followed by equal instalments for the period of the program, or

  • Pay upfront to receive a 10% discount.


If you are a couple, considering one of the programs, please inquire about a couple’s discount.


The pre-requisite for any of the above programs is completion of a facilitator-led course of 6-weeks or more.




We also offer 1:1 (includes couples) consultations for those times when you hit one of those universal particularly challenging and sticky spots in parenting and you could use some mentoring from an experienced Parenting by Connection leader.


Please feel free to contact us about a need you have that isn’t met by any of the above offerings.



Ann Hefferan

Founder, Director Elevate Parenting (formerly Community Transformations Inc)

0438 383 343

08 7127 2271

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