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Listening Partnerships

Local or Distance  (using Zoom)


Using Listening Partner's more 





Participants will


  • Observe and experience Listening modelled in each class - in the Support Group part of each class and in demonstrations

  • Have a refresher on being an effective Listener

  • Have a refresher on using a Listener effectively

  • Have opportunities to undertake practice while supported and mentored in the class

  • Have a Listening Partner to practice with once per week

  • Have a Support Group once per fortnight with other participants in the Course.




  • You must have taken one of the Instructor-led Parenting by Connection classes.

  • You must have a Listening Partner - the Listening Partner does not have to take the class with you.


Duration and Time commitment


The course will run over 20 weeks, with: 


  • 10 classes held fortnightly

  • Participants have at least one Listening Partnership each alternate week.


The duration of each class will depend on numbers of participants.


The time commitment, therefore, will be 1.5-2.0 hours of Class or Support Group each week and one half an hour, increasing to one hour per week for a Listening Partnership - so, between 2.5 to 3.0 hours per week. We know how full life can be when parenting! However, this course will support your parenting and should be a good investment of time, as well as help set you up for more and more effective support for the future!






Option A


10% discount for upfront payment


To express your interest or apply to enrol please email or fill in this Registration Form and send, along with any questions you have.




Course provides participants


  • With the opportunity to develop in both roles in a Listening Partnership - in other words, to become more effective Listeners and, also, use theirListening time with their Listening Partner more effectively.

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