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Parenting by Connection

Starter Class


6 weeks

The Parenting by Connection Starter Class will build your ability to understand your child, read his behaviour, predict difficult moments and respond in ways that lift the persistent difficulties from your life together. ​


Consistent with attachment research and 35 years of practice, you'll learn the 6 unique Parenting by Connection listening tools that will help you feel better connected to your child and to other parents, and help you love and help your child the way you've always wanted to.  

The class is interactive and you will be practising what you learn between classes and learning from other parent's experience.  Class size is limited. 

The Starter Class is designed for parents, caregivers, grandparents, professionals in child care and children's education.






You will receive









You’ll learn


  • How your child’s emotions work

  • The six tools needed to raise a happy, well-rounded child

  • The common causes of crying and its benefits

  • Why your child throws tantrums and how you can respond to them

  • How to heal your child’s fears

  • How to help an angry child become playful and compassionate


You will experience:


  • An opportunity to transform your parenting and your family

  • Reduced parenting stress

  • A warm co operative family atmosphere you want to share with your children





Watch Hand in Hand founder, Patty Wipfler, discuss the instinct to connect.















                                                         Connection builds sound judgment






Course Duration and Time Commitment

  • Six 1 hour to 1.5 hour (depending on number of participants) weekly, classes by phone conference 

  • Class size limited to 6 for quality of mentoring

  • Time to view weekly video theory presentations and for reading



For all of the above, in addition to six months of access to the videos for repeated viewing, instead of the standard eight weeks. Each video and support call will open the door to new insights and positive experiences for you and for your child.

























We look forward to helping you on your journey to greater connection and cooperation in your family.

The Parenting by Connection Team, Australia

“I cannot say enough how doing the Building Emotional Understanding (now Starter Class) parenting class has changed my life. There is an overall change where people are commenting on how much more comfortable in her own skin and content my 5 year old daughter is and how she has overcome her fears. Despite twice yearly visits to the coast my daughter was terrified of the sea. Through Special Time and Staylistening, she literally runs into the ocean and we spend hours playing in the waves.”

“The videos in this parenting class were richly informative, adding depth to the written materials and phone calls. I’d like to add that they were also calming – when I’d get irritated I found reviewing a video brought me back to a more centered place from which I could parent better.”


“I took a Building Emotional Understanding (now Starter Class) parenting class to improve my parenting. Little did I know just how much it would improve my life. Had anyone ever told me that a different approach to parenting would make being mum more fun and help me to stand up and take action in difficult situations confidently, securely and bravely, I would have thought them joking This has been my experience, in less than 6 months.” – Tara McCay, Arizona



   $347 Individuals

$594 Couples

Includes one set of course materials 

9 Listening to Children Booklets

& 1 Course Guide



  • Immediate access to six classes of online specialised lesson plans, each including easy to use video segments breaking down the causes and solutions for the most common parenting struggles like tantrums, crying, and aggression


  • Six weeks of live, personalized calls, with a Certified Parenting by Connection Instructor. These calls will address your specific parenting questions or dilemmas.

“I’m usually tired after work, a long day, and my attention flags. I wondered whether I would make it through the 6 weeks, but I feel so energized. I feel a lot more confident being a parent now. My relationship with my children is so much better. I called my wife in Singapore to tell her how great I was doing with the kids while she was away, and she told me she was too tired to listen, but I told her “You have to hear this! I’m a Superdad! I have to tell you what’s been happening!”

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