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Setting Limits &

Building Co-operation




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Are power struggles with your child leaving you annoyed or exhausted? Are you wondering why your child just can’t seem to listen? Are your own frustrations spilling over at home?


In the three weeks of this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to set warm, firm limits.






Every child has off-track moments—refusing to brush his teeth, being rough with the family pet, ignoring instructions, pestering a sibling.


We at Community Transformations know that, with conventional limit-setting techniques, these kinds of smaller difficulties can sometimes escalate into mounting stress on all sides.


Whether you’re simply seeking fresh ideas, or you and your child are locked in a mystifying struggle, Hand in Hand's self-paced tutorial provides the insights and strategies you’re seeking.


The Parenting by Connection approach isn’t based on rewards, punishments, natural consequences, bribes, or distraction. And we don’t advocate permissiveness. Instead, we’ll share proven ways to set warm, firm limits in a way that connects you and your child and fosters cooperation in your family!






 Instant access includes:


  • Three targeted weeks of video instruction from Hand in Hand Founder, Patty Wipfler, divided into 10-15 minute segments for easy retention.


  • Full 9 e-booklet Listening to Children set, including; Listening Partnerships for Parents, How Children’s Emotions Work, Special Time, Reaching for your Angry Child, Crying, Healing Children’s Fears, and more. (AUD $26.00 value)


  • Immediate access to these transformative videos and reading materials, available to you any time, day or night.


​These topics and more will be covered:


  • How children signal for help

  • Common causes and triggers for off-track behavior

  • Three steps to setting effective limits

  • Why conventional discipline methods don’t work for long

  • Why a sense of connection is so vital to your child

  • The importance of emotional support for yourself


​“Patty Wipfler really clarifies what’s going on when children get caught up in doing something hurtful or unsafe. This course gives parents a deep sense of assurance and an understanding of the most helpful actions to take.” ~Sadie Van Gelder, Certified Instructor


You can expect to find video tutorials like the one below that offers the insight that a limit set gently and with love is a gift that builds connection.














Watch a video clip from the Setting Limits & Building Cooperation self-guided class.


“A little about the video: Patty is loving, practical, and clear. The videos offer concrete examples of what to say, how to say it, and what tone to use, which was so helpful for me. You learn a little about the thinking behind why parenting by connection works. There is a recorded example of a mother Staylistening with her daughter, which helped me understand what to expect when trying these tools. I really feel as though this class is changing our family and our lives. I enjoyed parenting this week. I am not exhausted. Thank you!” ~Stephanie Abhrams, South Portland, ME






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