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Feb - March 2017


Details to be Advised


Friday early evening to Sunday lunchtime      



Is a separate event

on the Sunday afternoon





email for inquiries and questions.


Come and relax, refuel, regenerate, refresh, restore…..This Retreat is open to Parents who are practising the Parenting by Connection Listening to Children Tools and having Listening Partnerships; Candidate Instructors, Certified Instructors, Master Class, and Intensive Class Participants.


You’ll -


  • connect with other parents

  • enjoy meeting together

  • share Listening Time in pairs and groups

  • release tension, freeing and relaxing your mind and body

  • have some questions answered

  • gain support

  • appreciate other parents and BE APPRECIATED

  • build your PbC community and gain a stronger sense of community

  • generally relax, hang out and have fun.


You'll have time for YOU. Come and connect, or reconnect, with your community of Parenting by Connection buddies.


If you are also an instructor or certification candidate, also connect with other instructors and instructor candidates who are passionate about empowering other parents by teaching Parenting by Connection.


Bring any musical instruments you'd like to play for us on Saturday night after class, including your voice. Be ready to join in! 


Bring your bathers!  Interstaters and local people who don't visit the beaches often - we will be right on the Esplanade. If the weather is as it usually is at this time of the year, it will be splendiferous at the beach. Adelaide is situated on the Spencer Gulf, which means that the water is warmer than the open ocean and, by this time of year, is usually at it's best. Cooling, but not very cold. It's generally very flat with gentle, if any, waves. And, we will have breaks.


I’d love to connect with you there!  Check out some more photos from 2015 after the information on this page.











Ann Hefferan

Founder, Director Community Transformations

Hand in Hand Instructor and Trainer.


2016 Schedule




Check in to your accommodation early if you want to and you can, so as to enjoy some downtime - read on the balcony, swim....snooze....make a cup of herbal tea or a cool drink. Connect with a Listening Partner and exchange some Listening Time....your choice.


  5.00 pm             Light Meal

  6.00 pm             Opening


                            Connecting and Listening Partnerships (LPs)


  9.00 pm             Snacks & Social




  9.00 am             Start with LP’s

  9.30 am             Class

 11.00 am            Approx time for morning tea 

 11.15 am            Class resumes


12.30 pm Lunch


  1.30 pm            Something special!

  2.30  pm           Something powerful! 


  3.30 pm           Afternoon tea & rest or swim


 4.30 pm             Long LP


5.30 pm              Break till tea -  enjoy the view


6 ish                   Dinner


7.15  Class        Connection & Close Relationships


9.15                   Close and supper and music




  9.00 am          Start with LP’s -what's in the forefront of your mind

  9.30 am          We will see! I'll be following your lead and thinking about how best to use this time.

 12.00 pm         Close & Lunch and Goodbyes to some



The order and details may change – I’ll be watching out for your lead and responding. It’s YOUR Special Time.




 2.00 pm         Play Event, Hove 

 3.30 pm         Play Event close








If you are flying to the Retreat


The apartments are very close to the Airport . If you would like transport from the airport, we will do our best to arrange it, but a cab will be pretty reasonable in price for the short distance.


Play Event*** - Hulbert St, Hove.


We look forward to having you join us at this year’s Retreat.


Please register early if requiring accommodation as this needs to be arranged AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because the apartments are getting booked out. 


email for inquiries and questions.


Have a fantastic retreat!


COST - Retreat first, then cost of Accommodation and accommodation options.



Includes meals etc, but excludes accommodation.


If paying after 31st January, please add 10% late fee.


$300 ($50 couples discount)                      Full Weekend


$200   ($30 couples discount)                    Saturday 9 am to 9 pm.


$150 ($25 couples discount)                      Saturday 9 am to 6 pm




We don't have funds for these, as yet, but please let us know if you need to apply for one for the Retreat.




If you are able to pay extra, this will help us to subsidise, or fund, a parent on a low income to make the Retreat.


We'd be very appreciative if you would consider whether you could pay a higher fee of an additional $25, $50, $75, $100, $125, $150, $200 or more.


ACCOMMODATION - for the 2016 Retreat - as an example


Please keep in mind that it’s high season and costs higher than at other times that appear on the SeaviewSunset website - link provided then go to Apartment Gallery in the Menu above, then hover over the Apartment name so that the drop down list appears, then click on Read More - you can read more details and view the rooms, balcony, etc.


Also, refer above for photo of our Meeting Room, Retreat Kitchen and Dining Area.


NB: Trundle beds and cots are available


Rooms within apartment suites with:   Please note that most of these rooms are now booked but 'deluxe' bunk rooms (see link to Apartments' site) are still available for singles, couples or a family.        


Option                      Room type                                                     Suit                                              Cost for weekend


1                               King with Study in The View                  Couple, Family or Individual                               $250


2                               Queen with en suite in The View           Couple, Family or Individual                               $250


3                               Bunk Room - double on the bottom,

                                                       single on top                    Suit family or couple                                            $170


                                                                                                Also suits individuals sharing                              $ 90


5                              Queen – in the Horizon or Seascape      Couple, Family or Individual                               $250















Retreat Classes & Breaks & Connecting in Other Ways

Play Event, Special Time, Down Time

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