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Position - New


Social Media Marketer (Inbound)



Are you tech savvy and love and know the social media marketing world? 

Would you enjoy to help a small not-for-profit to:


- get the word out around Australia about its world-changing programmes and

- promote its instructors who have trained passionately to become leaders for others?


We are a small not-for-profit who are looking for the right someone to work hand in hand with us to facilitate our growth. 


It would be even better if you also have SEO skills and abilities. 


Depending on the cost of doing so, we also need some content transferred from another site to ours - we have permission from our parent body. Alternatively, we can organise some volunteers and you could co-ordinate that project.


We have limited funds right now but, if you are the someone who can get us set up, and we can increase the demand for our programmes and services, and we like working together, then we hope to team up for the longer term.


If you are currently studying social media marketing, are looking for work experience, and think you are a good fit, we'd love to hear from you. An enthusiastic volunteer, or an enthusiastic someone who is prepared to work for a rate we can reasonably manage right now, who has the right knowledge and skill set, would be optimum


If you'd like to talk about this position, please email me at


If you know someone who might be the right fit, we'd appreciate you letting them know.


Ann Hefferan


Community Transformations Inc

+61 438 383 343


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