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We provide one-off talks on a range of issues that are key to parents and professionals.

Talk topic examples:

•  Introduction to Parenting by Connection
•  Raising Emotionally Healthy Children
•  Handling Children's Emotional Moments
•  Setting Limits that Build Better Relationships
•  Sibling Solutions
•  Banishing the Bogeyman! Healing Children's Fears
•  Biting, Pushing, Pulling Hair: Helping Children with Aggression
•  Healing the Hurt of Separation
•  That's Mine! Helping Young Children with Sharing
•  Helping Young Children Sleep
•  Inoculating Our Children Against Racism
•  Building Support for Your Work as a Parent
•  Looking Toward Adolescence: Staying Close and Staying Hopeful

Other Seminars offered by
Community Transformations.

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