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Many parents, in addition to reading and trying the ideas about listening to children outlined in our classes and pamphlets, find that a little one-on-one time to talk about applying these tools to their unique family situation is a great boost to their ability to use our approach. 


On the other hand, when you’re a busy parent, it can be difficult to find the time to attend workshops and classes. With a confidential parent-to-parent consultation, you can access insight and personalized assistance at a time that’s convenient for you

Our Parenting by Connection program offers personal consulting services by phone or, in-person.

Consultations are conducted by a professional who has substantial experience with the Parenting by Connection approach.  She, or he, will provide guidance in the Parenting by Connection approach. This is a confidential parent-parent consult, with a consultant experienced in Parenting by Connection theory and practice and adult listening skills - not treatment from a therapist.








As long as you need


Our consultants are passionate about making a real difference for your family.


If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your money or connect you with another consultant at no charge.


60 minutes costs 130-150 or 3 consults booked as a consult block 324 - 405*

*Use as needed, all at once or in 5 x 30 minute blocks or a combination


How do I get started?

Simply register to schedule your first consultation.  We do our best to respond within 24 hours on weekdays. Once you’ve registered for a session you and the consultant will then arrange a time to talk.

Will I meet in person or talk to you over the phone?


We mainly meet on the phone, but an in-person consultation may be possible.

If there is a Community Transformations consultant who is both a good match for your family and in your proximity, then we can arrange an in-person consultation for an added fee.


I live in a different time zone.  Is it possible to arrange a consultation?


This is very likely -  we will do our best to arrange a suitable time.


Is my consultant a licensed therapist?


Your consultants may be a licensed therapists, but your consultant will not be working as a licensed professional with you. Your consultant will work with you as a parent-to-parent consultant, experienced in Parenting by Connection theory and practice and adult listening skills.


Can I pay by credit card

Yes.  Our payment facility accepts credit cards.  


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