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Master Class


A whole year of 

Support & Mentoring


For those who have been practising the Parenting by Connection approach for some time, and for parents new to the approach, the Year of Connection Master Class will build your parenting confidence, insights and skills and your ability to connect. You will, increasingly, be able to connect more deeply with your children and support them to heal from stored hurts, so they are freer to be themselves and to enjoy and develop their minds. You will be building a more solid foundation, and paving a smoother path, for your children to become the adults they were born to be. Through the Master Class, you will deepen relationships within your family and your community.
Weekly classes and weekly Listening Partnerships will support you to resolve those daily parenting struggles. When we are caught in the midst of a struggle, we tend to grit our teeth and resort to old holding patterns, hoping either for better days, or that things will someone work out, regardless, despite the fact things are not as we would choose. When we have good support, these struggles become challenges that we can embrace and increasingly master.
Building consistent support for you and your parenting makes a profound difference. We have seen the difference it makes when parents have time to share with other parents who respect them and back them fully, and the opportunity to hone and develop their Listening to Children skills. We see the difference it makes when parents manage to establish the support of regular Support Groups and Listening Partnerships in which they are able to absorb attention from their Listener/s, feel understood and supported, and unravel and resolve old hurts. Listening free us up to think more freshly and wisely, to have and to be more fun, and to be ourselves.
The work of parenting brings us right up, face-to-face, with the hurts we (unavoidably) experienced and stored as children. When combined with the general lack of support for parenting in society, parenting kicks up our stored hurts. These emotional ‘restimulations’ interfere with us using our thinking and making good judgements. They, and the lack of societal support for parenting, are the culprits that make parenting a struggle – not our children and not any failure on our part. We can tackle the emotional challenges that we are presented with, if we have reliable places in which we can, over time, consistently work through these difficult or confusing childhood experiences. Undertaking emotional work frees us to connect, and to put the Listening to Children tools into practice more easily and meaningfully with children. A yearlong class, due to the sustained support it offers, makes it possible and safe, to take on emotional work through which we open up, or gain deeper, understandings about ourselves, and our relationships with our children.
We discover how parenting is, probably, the most personally liberating challenge we could ever embark upon. And, because there's no desire deeper than the desire that parents have for their children to have good lives, the challenges of parenting point us very precisely to where we got hurt and confused as young people. When we have the opportunity to address, and work through, these hurts and confusions, we are not only able to free ourselves to master parenting in the way we want to, we also become so much freer to be more ourselves, and to take more mastery over our lives.


So, if you 


  • would welcome the regular mentoring and support of an intensive parenting program that will enable you to develop deeper insights and master the ability to use to the Parenting by Connection Listening tools;


  • are keen to make even greater transformational change in your family, using the Parenting by Connection approach;


  • welcome learning within, and building, a team of like-minded but, also, unique, participants, but you don't want to become an Instructor at this point, then...


The Master Class may be just what you have been waiting for. 


In the Master Class, you will not have curriculum requirements associated with the Instructor Certification Program, but you will have the option to undertake these requirements at a later date in order to gain certification.




  •  One of the Instructor-led Parenting by Connection classes, such as the Starter Class or Intensive Class

  •  The Instructor Certification Program or

  •  Another Master Class




  • be using the 4 Listening to Children tools, and Listening Partnerships 


(If you are keen to put the tools into practice and have been struggling, we have a Mentoring Program (monthly) or Intensive Classes (10 weeks of further support and learning).


What is included in the Program


  • 40 classes over 52 weeks


  • Access to more Listening Partners from you Master Class group


  • An online classroom with resources.


  • Duration of each class, depends on the number of participants - duration with 4 participants 1.75 hours.




Option 1           $2,500 (with 10% deposit and 9 monthly instalments) 

Option 2           $2,250 (10% discount if paid up front)

Option 3           $2,375 (5% discount paid in two instalments - one prior to Class commencement and, the other, at the half-

                                      way point)


The Half Master Class

Sometimes it's possible to run a 20 class year, with participants meeting fortnightly (bi-weekly) with their Instructor Mentor and, on the alternate week, as a support group. So, if you are interested in this, let us know and simply halve the prices above.


Refund Policy


If a candidate chooses to withdraw from the Program, s/he must formally notify the Community Transformations office in writing, via email at


The Candidate will then be entitled to a pro-rata refund, based on the date of notification. We will retain the non-refundable deposit of $250, plus an amount that will cover their training (classes and other training) to that point. Withdrawal nullifies any discounts applied to the Program. The remaining amount will be refunded.


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