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Parenting Classes




Parent Intensive


10 weeks


So many things can get in the way of your greatest hopes and intentions for your family: confusion, fatigue, work stress,
co-parenting conflicts, friction between siblings, medical challenges…. Whatever may be tripping you up or dragging you down, this 10-week program provides the parenting support you deserve.

If you’re trying to get a handle on a key issue affecting your family, or you’re looking to understand Parenting by Connection better and practice it more consistently, this course is designed to help you. You’ll have the individual attention you need to reduce your stress load and move toward more clarity, connection, and relaxed confidence in your parenting.


The Intensive is great as a refresher and/or to dive deeper into the tools, is led by a qualified instructor and provides a greater amount of Listening Time than the Starter Class.

Pre-requisite to participate in this Intensive is the 6-week Starter Class - Please inquire for further information and to have your questions answered.

Course Duration:


10  classes




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