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 Helping Your Child with Aggression





Any parent who watches these videos,reads the materials and then puts into action the listening tools that Patty Wipfler outlines will be guaranteed success. Mother of two.

“It is a wonderful course! The information is very useful. And Patty guides us while giving assignments. It’s also convenient as we can watch it whenever we have time, which is often late in the evening. It’s divided in short segments so it makes it easy to watch only 10 or 20 minutes at a time.” ~ From two parents who are watching together

“Patty and the team have packed LOADS of good, practical information into a very accessible set of online videos that you can watch at your leisure. They have laid out the brain science behind the emotional hurts that lead children to hitting and other forms of aggression or off track behavior. This is a wonderful curriculum. I would recommend it to anyone who wants some help with reconnecting with their child. The answers ARE HERE!” ~ Kirsten Nottleson, Austin, TX, mother of two

We have been taking the ‘No More Hitting!’ class for the last few weeks and have noticed an incredible shift in our whole family dynamic. Thank you for giving me the idea and permission to play with my son in silly ways out of the house. It felt so good to know it is okay to play with my kids! We were both happy and that connected feeling carried over to him helping cook dinner, share with his baby sister, and go to sleep easily after a short Special Time. Really amazing stuff!”



Have a toddler who hits, bites or pushes other kids? Discover what’s behind your child’s impulsive behavior-and what to do about it. 







instant access includes:


  • 3+ hours of video instruction from Hand in Hand Founder, Patty Wipfler.

       Videos are divided into 10-15 minute segments for easy retention

  • Full 9 e-Booklet Listening to Children set, including; Listening Partnerships for Parents, How Children’s Emotions Work, Special Time, Crying, Reaching for your Angry Child, Healing Children’s Fear and more. (AUD $29 value.)

  • Immediate online classroom access.

  • These transformative videos are available to you for 6 weeks, any time, day or night.

Patty Wipfler’s warmth toward parents and children, no matter how difficult the situation, is encouraging and her stories are truly inspirational. You’ll walk away feeling like you know what to do to help your child.  Michelle Pate, Oregon

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