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Nutrition and Health

This is not Parenting by Connection information. However, this is information that I think we should all have the option of knowing about, and, considering. There's a plethora of diet information 'out there', on the net, through advertising, and so on and programs abound. It's difficult and, sometimes, impossible (unless one is a member of the science fraternity) to discern quality and trustworthiness of the science behind some approaches.


There's been a quiet revolution in nutrition taking place across the world that is, daily, gaining acknowledgement and respect from individuals and organisations with an interest in the link between what human nutrition, our health and our natural environment. 


Here are some sources that you might look at to provide some balance. 

Video recordings of authors below delivering public presentations can also be found on You Tube.


Dr Neal Barnard Healthy Eating for Life for Children


This book should be read along with the article by Patty Wipfler, Hand in Hand. as Dr Barnard's approach to children and tension around eating is, unfortunately, not advanced like his knowlege and research on children's nutrition.


T Colin Campbell PhD, Thomas Campbell (MD). The China Study


The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-term Health


"Even today, as trendy diets and a weight-loss frenzy sweep the nation, two-thirds of adults are still obese and children are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, typically an "adult" disease, at an alarming rate. If we're obsessed with being thin more so than ever before, why are Americans stricken with heart disease as much as we were 30 years ago?


In The China Study, Dr. T. Colin Campbell details the connection between nutrition and heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune disease and cancer.


"The report also examines the source of nutritional confusion produced by powerful lobbies, government entities, and opportunistic scientists. The New York Times has recognized the study as the "Grand Prix of epidemiology" and the "most comprehensive large study ever undertaken of the relationship between diet and the risk of developing disease."


The China Study is not a diet book. Dr. Campbell cuts through the haze of misinformation and delivers an insightful message to anyone living with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and those concerned with the effects of aging. [This book is also available in Spanish, El Estudio de China.]"


John Robbins The Food Revolution  - How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and the World


"In 1987, John Robbins published Diet for a New America, which was an early version of this book, and he started the food revolution. He continues to work tirelessly to promote conscious food choices more than 20 years later. First published in 2001, The Food Revolution is still one of the most frequently cited and talked about books of the food-politics revolution. It was one of the very first books to discuss the negative health effects of eating genetically modified foods and animal products of all kinds, to expose the dangers inherent in our factory farming system, and to advocate a complete plant-based diet.


The book garnered endorsements by everyone from Paul Hawken to Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson to Julia Butterfly Hill. After ten years in print, The Food Revolution is timelier than ever--and a very compelling read. The 10th anniversary edition has an updated, contemporary look and a new introduction by the author."


Dr Neal Barnard Dr Neal Barnard's Program for reversing diabetes without drugs


"Until Dr. Barnard's scientific breakthrough, most health professionals believed that once you developed diabetes, you were stuck with it and could anticipate one complication after another, from worsening eyesight and nerve symptoms to heart and kidney problems. But as this groundbreaking work reveals, this simply is not true. In a series of studies the most recent funded by the National Institutes of Health Dr. Barnard has shown that it is possible to repair insulin function and reverse type 2 diabetes. By following the scientifically proven, life-changing program described in Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes, diabetics can control blood sugar three times more effectively than with the standard diet; and cut back on and in some cases eliminate medications while reducing the risk of diabetes complications.


"The long overdue epic scientific breakthrough in diabetes is here an obvious must-read for health professionals and for diabetic and potential diabetic patients." Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD, preventive cardiology consultant, Cleveland Clinic


"This is the approach to follow the clinically proven way to get your blood sugar under control and start living again." John McDougall, MD, founder and medical director of the McDougall program


"Dr. Barnard's book is no exaggeration The signs and symptoms of diabetes can be reversed, and he's got the evidence to prove it." Jennie Brand-Miller, PhD, author of "The New Glucose Revolution ""



Dr Caldwell Esselstyn  Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease


"The "New York Times" bestselling guide to the lifesaving diet that can both prevent and help reverse the effects of heart disease Based on the groundbreaking results of his twenty-year nutritional study, "Prevent" "and Reverse Heart Disease"by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn illustrates that a plant-based, oil-free diet can not only prevent the progression of heart disease but can also reverse its effects.


Dr. Esselstyn is an internationally known surgeon, researcher and former clinician at the Cleveland Clinic and a featured expert in the acclaimed documentary "Forks Over Knives." "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease "has helped thousands across the country, and is the book behind Bill Clinton s life-changing vegan diet.


The proof lies in the incredible outcomes for patients who have followed Dr. Esselstyn's program, including a number of patients in his original study who had been told by their cardiologists that they had less than a year to live. Within months of starting the program, all Dr. Esselstyn s patients began to improve dramatically, and twenty years later, they remain free of symptoms.Complete with more than 150 delicious recipes perfect for a plant-based diet, the national bestseller "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease "explains the science behind the simple plan that has drastically changed the lives of heart disease patients forever. It will empower readers and give them the tools to take control of their heart health.""


Article quoting Dr Spock, author of "Baby and Childcare" - the second highest selling book ever, next to the Bible.



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