Join our Retreat in Bellingen!

Bellingen, New South Wales

Retreat: January 13 - 15, 2017 | Play Event: January 16, 2017

In our Parenting by Connection community, we recognise how hard parents work, because their love is so big. We see that society fails to properly resource this big love that underpins the most important and fundamental role in our society. The Parenting by Connection approach brings much-needed resource to parents, and backs their love. 

Parents also need and deserve that village - the one that would ensure they are freed on a regular basis to have adequate time out. The Retreat provides some of this.


Mark Morris and Jude Belnick, who live just 5 kms south of Bellingen in Brierfield, are generously and very willingly offering their beautiful home and surrounds for the Retreat.



Yummy meals provided – more info on registration.


Accommodation - is not included in this Retreat

However, if you would like assistance to find individual or shared cottage-style accommodation, Jude (02) 66 55 2347 or 0405 661 449 will assist you to find it as close as possible to the venue.



Unfortunately, we lack the resources to provide a PbC standard of care for children. If we were to compromise on that in delivering a PbC event, it wouldn’t be the example we want to set for children. But if you’d like help to think about care and/or possible options, please let us know.


If you could do with help in thinking about what and how to organise childcare, we suggest using a Listening Partner in the first place. If you can’t, or need further help to think it through, let Ann Hefferan know: 0438 383 343 or


Open to all parents and professionals who:
  • Have taken the Starter or other mentored Course, and are currently using the 4 Listening to Children tools, supported by Listening Partnerships, or

  • Are Certified Parenting by Connection Instructors, or

  • Are currently training to be Instructors, or

  • Are other community builders in Parenting by Connection


A Special Thank you to Mark & Jude!

Apart from providing the venue rent free to Community Transformations, Jude and Mark are also providing most of the catering as a contribution to our project of spreading Parenting by Connection far and wide in Australia. The more surplus that the Retreat makes, the more $ we have to reach more parents.


“What an awesome retreat. Thanks for the amazing emotional support you gave us all
through powerful listening. It was such a safe environment to just 'be' without any judgment."

Kathryn Jones


“Thank you all for a very moving and connected weekend.” Sharon Ryder

Retreat Cost

                        W/end       Sat only

Bronze             $330            $200

Silver                $400           $225

Gold                 $500            $250

Platinum          $600


Play Event Cost - per child

Bronze               $ 33

Silver                  $ 40

Gold                   $ 50

Platinum            $ 60


Registration deadline: 9 December 2016

(Keep in mind that numbers and accommodation places are limited, so the earlier you are able to register, the better.)

We invite those who are able to do so, to register at the silver, gold, or platinum level in order to help us to offer scholarships or subsidies to those who need it.


Let us know paying the full fee for the Retreat will significantly compromise your ability to provide for your family.

Registration Form:

0438 383 343 or (08) 7127 2271

Our experience is that it makes a big difference to have this time out in a lovely environment with other like-minded parents and Parenting by Connection leaders in which to refresh, renew, connect and reconnect with each other; to have listening time, to confer, to relax, laugh and play, and to have Special Time of their own.