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Join our 2020 Retreat in Adelaide!


Retreat: Feb 28 to March 1|

In our Parenting by Connection community, we recognise how hard parents work, because their love is so deep. Society takes this commitment for granted and fails to resource the work of parenting in anything approaching an adequate way, even though it is the most important and fundamental role in our society.


The Parenting by Connection team - here in Australia, through Hand in Hand  and in many parts of the world - brings much-needed resource to parents, and backs their love and commitment. 

Parents need and deserve that village and, also, some time out for themselves to fill their own cups. The Retreat provides some of this.


It makes a big difference to have this time out in a lovely environment with other like-minded parents and Parenting by Connection leaders - it's refreshing, renewing and connecting. Partipants get the opportunity to have plenty of adult-adult Listening Time, some Special Time of their own, relaxing time, great food, time to chat and confer, and time to laugh and play. Does this sound good? Is is!


Panorama, Adelaide



Yummy meals provided and a variety of diet requirements catered for – more info on registration.



Unfortunately, we lack the resources to provide a Parenting by Connection standard of care for children. If we were to compromise on that in delivering one of our events, it would not be the memory that we want children to associae with Parenting by Connection - that is, with parents getting lots of connection and attention, and several children having to share the attention of one carer provided by our organisation. However, you can make your own care arrangements and, even, use the venue for your child and carer. For example, it has sometimes been possible to find space for children and their grandparent/s. On other occasions, a family member will bring a child to the venue to connect with a parent or parents, and for breast feeding in break times. Very young babies in arms with a parent are welcome - let us know and talk with us if in doubt.


If organising care for your child or children presents an obstacle, we suggest using one of your Listening Partners to see if you can arrive at a solution. If that doesn't work for you, and you think further Listening Time might help, please let us know and we will aim to provide some thoughts and Listening Time - contact


The Retreat is open to all parents and professionals who
  • Have taken the Starter or other Instructor-led course, and are currently using the 4 Listening to Children tools, supported by regular Listening Partnerships or

  • Are Certified Parenting by Connection Instructors or

  • Are currently training to be Instructors or

  • Are other community builders in Parenting by Connection


Preparing for the Retreat


  • Information such as what to bring and not to bring, and how to prepare in order to maximize your experience, will be forwarded on registration.

  • Because caffeine interferes with our mind's ability to release tension and to process emotions, it will not be available at the Retreat. We do encourage you to consider decreasing your use of caffeine over time prior to the weekend Retreat and using Listening Partnerships to process any additional emotions that result from the lifting the lid on them. Being strategic means that you'll avoid the classic 'withdrawal headache' and/or lifting the lid on many emotions all at once. Using the opportunity to withdraw also means that you'll have new insights and thoughts as a result of being able to process more! 

  • If you use any psychoactive drugs, please let the Retreat leader know.

  • For more information, please refer to page 30 of your Listening Partnerships booklet.


Registration deadline: Friday 21st March 2020
Register by emailing

(Please keep in mind that numbers and accommodation places are limited, so the earlier you are able to register, the better.)



“What an awesome retreat. Thanks for the amazing emotional support you gave us all
through powerful listening. It was such a safe environment to just 'be' without any judgment."

Kathryn Jones


“Thank you all for a very moving and connected weekend.” Sharon Ryder

Retreat Cost: *please see note below

                        W/end        Fri night + all Sat                   Sat Day + Night             

Bronze             370                     300                                            225                                                          

Silver                420                                                            

Gold                 495                                              

Platinum          595


Meals, snacks, beverages and provided in the above fee.                 


Play Event Cost - per adult and child or per adult - no cost for Interstate participants

Bronze                 30

Silver                    40

Gold                     50

Platinum              60


Finer details will be forwarded on registration, but please phone or email any questions prior to that if you need to.


*Note: We invite those who are able to do so, to register at the silver, gold, or platinum level in order to help us to offer scholarships or subsidies to those who need one. 


If you are in a position to pay extra, contributions are suggested in the case of full attendance in the Retreat. In the case of partial participation, please make your own judgement.


On the other hand, let us know if paying the full fee for the Retreat will significantly compromise your ability to provide for your family and we will do our best to offer you a reduction in the price.


Where it is possible, and according to need, we accommodate interstate participants at no cost. The accommodation won't be luxury but will be comfortable enough - eg mattresses on the floor, there's a sofa bed that's firm, and pretty comfy, and a single bed. There is usually a billett or two available as well, if need be. And, a flashy, new bathroom - definitely a bit of luxury. 
If the weather is still warm, bring your bathers as we have a salt/chlorine swimming pool for your enjoyment. There's also some bushwalks not far from here that we are happy to drop you off at. A two minute drive, or a 10 minute walk to them.


Registration form:

0438 383 343 or (08) 7127 2271

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